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A Touch of history

Beer was highly appreciated in Durbuy under the Old Regime.
In 1700, "Brassines" (Breweries) and "Franches Brassines" (Free Breweries) sprang up in Barvaux, Tohogne, Aisne, Grandmenil, Amonines, Beffe, Vaux-Chavanne, Fanzel and Ny.

Two free breweries opened in the town itself in 1314: one in the centre and one on the far side of the great bridge. (Click on the old photo of Durbuy).

In 1380, the Grande Brassine (Grand Brewery) was christened "Brassine del Halle"; a century later, it was taken over by a certain Collon, and installed near the tower of the same name, where it remained until 1630.

"Brewers will make good and drinkable beer… They will use 4 "stiers" (measures) of malted barley for every ton" they decreed in 1655.

Everyday beer was referred to as "Happe", "Keute", "Bire" or "Cervoise". It was made with malted barley or "brai d’orge", to which spelt wheat was sometimes added.

Even the famous "Hougarde" beer was brewed in Durbuy. In the 16th century, the tankard or half-pint measured 0.32 litres and the pint (or half pot) around 0.64 litres. The pot, or quarter, contained about 1.28 litres, the cask contained 19 pots and the barrel contained 7.5 pots (around 8 litres).

Time flowed and so did beer…

In 1986, during Belgium's "Year of Beer" celebrations, a craft beer with a catchy name appeared on the menu of landlords and restaurateurs in Durbuy and its vicinity:
La Durboyse

Had a new brewer set up shop in one of the old streets of Durbuy?
Not at all! Durboyse is brewed 100 km away, at the Lefebvre brewery in Quenast ""

Another new beer emerged in 1987 to join forces with the Durboyse Blonde lager during the 3rd international comic book fair: the Durboyse Brune stout (click on the label). The event was marked by the creation of a special comic book beer mat (click on the beer mat) and sale of 1,000 collector bottles  with labels designed and signed by top Belgian comic book authors Turk, from Durbuy, and Jean-Claude Servais (500 bottles each).

Impatient beer lovers then had to wait until 1996 to savour the new Durboyse Triple… - s.c. pronolux - Houmart, 11 - 6941 Tohogne (Durbuy) - André Sarlet, administrateur - gérant - +32 479 354 912.

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